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Colt Automation is recognized as an innovator in the design, development, and manufacturing of feed equipment including:

  • Continuous or Average Speed – Feed lines-Colt developed in 2005  (View YouTube Channel)
  • Zig zag feed systems- Colt developed in 2003
  • Light medium and heavy duty single and double uncoilers
  • Heavy duty coil cars and traveling coil car combinations
  • Coil up enders with traveling uncoilers
  • Cradle straightener combinations
  • Powered light, medium, and heavy duty straighteners
  • Electronic roll feeders, and roll feeder straightener combinations
  • Space saver feedline combinations
  • Specialty combinations-peeler threader.
  • Refurbish, rebuild.
  • Custom design and much more.

The Colt Automation team has decades of experience in equipment design, precision machinery assembly, sales and service.

Respected Thirty Five year Colt veteran Rick Adams continue’s to lead Colt. Colt Automation is conveniently located in Mississauga, Ontario close to all major Hi-ways, and 45min to the U.S. border.


Our Company


We understand the importance of proper installation and proper training for users of our equipment. To ensure that our machinery is properly installed and performing to capacity, we provide a start-up service along with operator training to obtain the maximum efficiency and output from the equipment.

Our AVAILABLE professional on site training program covers not only operating procedures but also detailed maintenance and safety procedures. An in depth operating manual with parts lists and complete schematic drawings is provided with each piece of equipment shipped from our facility.


Colt Service & Warranty


Colt products are long lasting so is the Colt Commitment and Warranty.

Colt warrants to the original purchaser that all new equipment manufactured by Colt shall be free from defects for a period of:

  • 3-Years on all parts manufactured by Colt Automation Ltd. Includes frames, sideplates, end members, weldments, mandrels, and rollers. Excludes any wear surfaces.
  • 2-Years on all purchased mechanical components origina;lly installed by Colt Automation Ltd. Includes bearings, gears, straightener jacks, cabinet jacks, castings, sprockets and chains. Excludes any wear surfaces.
  • 1-Year on all components originally installed or manufactured by Colt Automation Ltd. Please see “Terms & Conditions” for additional information.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, Simply stated – We absolutely guarantee our equipment to perform exactly to specifications from time of commissioning. If any piece of Colt equipment fails to perform as stated we’ll make it right.

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