Colt installs first Zig-zag feeder

November 22nd, 2003

Colt installs first Zig-zag feeder decreasing material waste by up to 21%

Zig-Zag-lrgColt Zig Zag Feeders utilize a shuttling motion of the coil stock over a single station blanking die thus saving the cost of double die operations for the same output. The machine illustrated has a zig- zag motion of +/- 5.0″ from the machine centre line providing a maximum lateral shuttle of 10.0″

Scrap Losses
The scrap illustrations show the material savings utilizing the Zig Zag Feeder and double blanking compared with single blanking and straight feeding.


Colt has delivered Zig-Zag feeder with X-Y synchronized motion since 2009, X and Y axis always synchronized, one axis with shorter feed and the other axis with longer feed will have exactly the same moving time.

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