Coil Cradle Straightener/Feeder Combination Spacesaver

Spacesaver combination units are designed to conserve floor space in the press operating area by combining the uncoiling straightening and feeding operations in one piece of equipment. The advanced electronic control of feed length and speed eliminate the need for loop provisions and all required dimensional information is programmed in the equipment through user friendly operator interface in the control cabinet. These units are available in a broad range of width, thickness and net output production capacity combinations. The total length of machine from press to rear of coil is a distance of approximately 14-17 ft. without optional coil storage.

Colt Automation can provide many optional features to fully automate the entire feed process.

CSS-4000-60 Space Saver System

CSS-4000-60 Space Saver System
A 40000 lb Capacity allowing up to 60″ wide material.
Shown with optional coil storage unit, travelling coil car, strip welding fixture and advanced controls package.

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