The COLT Difference

Uncoilers [Learn more…]

  • Customizable Mandrel design available
  • 3-4 leaf, Pumpkin, dovetail wedge expansion
  • Continuous Feed option
  • Traveling uncoiler, or traveling base models

Electronics / Press Communication [Learn more…]

  • Open Architecture language for servo feeder controls
  • Colt developed – Continuous Feed lines reducing wear and tear
  • Colt Developed – Laser Loop Control

Peeler Threader [Learn more…]

  • Threading Chute with extendable Peeler Blade (hands free threading)
  • Hydraulically adjusted De-kinker arm
  • Power Hold Down threading roll available with either Urathane or hardened

Threading Tables [Learn more…]

  • Adjustable pass line on feed end
  • Flow Rail table top-Ease of Material
  • Dual cylinder for quick smooth operation

Straighteners & Feeders [Learn more…]

Straightening Rolls & Pinch Rolls

  • 52100 Alloy steel and are hardened to 60-64 Rockwell and ground for maximum longevity
  • Bottom rolls are driven by hardened gears (cluster)made from 8620 Alloy steel with hardened teeth
  • Rolls are supported by hardened back-up rolls to limit deflection when running thick material at narrow widths.
  • Outboard Support of Straightener rolls.
  • Fully automated (Trabon ) Lubrication –option .

Feeders [Learn more…]

  • Heavy duty self centering hardened 2” diameter vertical guide rolls -2 rolls for each guide
  • Material guide assembly is supported on machine mounted angle brackets with slide gib plates to allow ± 2” of offset adjustment.
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