Being a modern designer & builder of a wide variety of feed lines and press room equipment, through our almost 50 years of experience, Colt Equipment is installed and trusted around the globe. Colt has customized and engineered specific machines, to facilitate specialized companies including specific roll forming requirements, battery manufacturing companies as well as on site material handling for mining companies.

Our experience has also allowed us to get the maximum production and performance out of our machines while using minimal floor space in our customer’s facility.

Our lines can handle all sorts of material ranging from light, medium and heavy gauge, high strength steel with versatility that can be modified to work with Class A and other surface sensitive materials.


Colt’s Battle Tested CSSU Space Saver for HSLA

Installed at a Global Automotive Manufacturer in late 2013 Colt’s CSSU (Colt Space Saver) for HSLA easily is capable processing from 12 -86 inches wide and up to 60,000lbs. Colt redefines HSLA Coil Feed in about 22 feet of space.  With over 50years of Coil processing experience coupled with innovative leading edge technology Colt has the […]

Striving to Develop New Products and Refine Existing Product Lines

Colt Automation continually strives to develop new products and refine existing product lines to provide exceptional performance and value for our customers. Model CSSU Space-Saver Feed Systems Model CSSU Space-Saver feed systems offer excellent flexibility within a small footprint. Available with many options, including advanced control features. A wide range of system sizes and capacities […]

Colt introduces “Open Architecture” press communications

As default, Colt uses the latest servo drive (Indradrive MLD) from Bosch Rexroth, the drive has a built-in full-bloom PLC which can communicate to other PLC (in the press control) through DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, or RS-232 serial (custom ASCII protocol), the servo drive of Bosch Rexroth is rated number 1 in metal forming. Learn […]

Colt masters Average Speed, or Continuous Feed

Colt has developed Continuous payout feedlines Colt Feeder can interface with analogue loop sensor, and control a Colt straightener and or a Colt uncoiler to run at constant speed which equals to the throughput speed of feeder. High-Speed Servo Feeder   Uncoiler Continuous Feed

Colt installs first Zig-zag feeder

Colt installs first Zig-zag feeder decreasing material waste by up to 21% Colt Zig Zag Feeders utilize a shuttling motion of the coil stock over a single station blanking die thus saving the cost of double die operations for the same output. The machine illustrated has a zig- zag motion of +/- 5.0″ from the machine […]

Colt develops Laser Loop control

Colt develops Laser Loop control, quickly becoming an industry standard. Laser loop controls replaces older technologies like ultrasonic loop control. Laser loop control has quickly become the industry standard.

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