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Colt Automation – Coil Processing Equipment since 1965

Established In 1965, COLT Automation Is Excited To Be Celebrating 55 Years Developing, Designing And Installing Coil Feed Lines.

COLT is committed to providing the finest in automation feed equipment for: stampers, fabricators, roll feeds for a variety of manufacturers. We have a long-established reputation for high performance press room automation equipment. COLT’s technology advancements with uncompromising quality and equipment reliability have been the reason our customers return year after year.

Today COLT Is Recognized As An Innovator In The Design, Development, And Manufacturing Of Coil Feed Equipment. Recent Innovations Include:

2020 – Colt refines and improves AHSS feedline capabilities to beyond 1200Mpa

2019 – COLT advanced designs for coil efficiency to reduce coil changeover time 

2018 – COLT continues to evolve Coil Tail technology – Servo Exit Material Tables and Electromagnetic Tail Out Micro Feeders for Stackers 

2018 – COLT refines and improves AHSS feed lines to 980Mpa and more

2017 – Colt full automates feed line recipe driven settings at multiple points

2016 – Colt advanced software fabrication efforts deliver advanced controls  

2016 – COLT fully automates all feed line settings for improved efficiency and performance 

2015 – COLT advanced controls, synchronized Torque drive Uncoilers.

2014 – COLT delivers and installs HSLA Space-saver Feed Line up to 75SPM using only 22ft. 

2013 – Wireless connection to smart devices (iPhone or android) allowing them to operate as a mobile HMI, or jogging pendant. 

2012 – Remote support based on VPN, or RDP

2010 – Open architecture software integrating all press controls 

2008 – COLT developed continuous feed line/average speed-synchronizing the uncoiler and straightener to the throughput speed of the feeder 

2003 – COLT developed true independent two axis Zig Zag Feed Systems

COLT Specializes In:

• Conventional, Space Saver, and Cradle Feed Line solutions and individual Feed Line components

• Advanced Controls and Software

• Robust best-in-class innovative mechanical designs

• Building with customer focus on safety, without compromising efficiency.

• Specialty customized equipment 

• Refurbish & rebuild

*All material types including AHSS

COLT products are long lasting, as is the COLT commitment and warranty. COLT warrants to the original purchaser that all new equipment manufactured by COLT shall be free from defects for a period of:


On all parts manufactured by Colt Automation Ltd. 

Includes: frames, side plates, end members, weldments, mandrels, and rollers.

Excludes any wear surfaces.


On all purchased mechanical components originally installed by Colt Automation Ltd. 

Includes: bearings, gears, straightener jacks, cabinet jacks, castings, sprockets and chains.

 Excludes any wear surfaces.


On all components originally installed or manufactured by Colt Automation Ltd. 

Please see “Terms & Conditions” for additional information.

We absolutely guarantee our equipment to perform exactly to specifications from time of commissioning. If any piece of COLT equipment fails to perform as stated, we’ll make it right.

The COLT Automation team has decades of experience in equipment design, precision machinery assembly, sales and service. We are fully equipped with in house:

Controls and Electrical Engineering. Panel Design & Construction

Mechanical Engineering

Installation, Training and Service

Assembly, QC and Paint Booth

Fully Equipped CNC & Manual Machine Shop

Precision Welding & Fabrication

COLT Automation equipment is designed for today’s working environment. Don’t let your feed equipment be the weakest link, purchase COLT every time.

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