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Remote Access Service & Technical Support

Many of our feed lines sold after 2016 are provided with a modem installed in the central control cabinet. With customer lockout, this allows COLT to:

• Monitor the equipment performance

• Analyze equipment issues/faults

• Update programming

• Install and alter programming changes

• Provide real-time consultation and support to our customers

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Whether you want to keep service essential items in stock, or order only when required, COLT has the right part for the job! COLT keeps all equipment drawings (build, design, and “as built”) for each individual piece of equipment or full feed line.

• Many parts are kept in stock, and can be shipped to your location same day or overnight.

• Custom machined parts may also be in stock, or can be made as required.

Gear parts

Scheduled Service and Preventative Maintenance

If your organization has in-house maintenance, or you would like COLT to handle maintenance of your equipment we can support you as you need. Complete equipment maintenance and preventative maintenance is always a good idea to get the maximum performance and life from your investment with minimum downtime. COLT’s Certified personnel will conduct a “Guards Off” detailed inspection and provide maintenance options.

•Adjust belts, check components, drive trains, gears, bearings, and lubrication systems, calibrate and align sensors.

•Advise you of old or obsolete controls or electronics.

•Test and operate the equipment to specification.

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Unscheduled or Urgent Service

We can be there when you need us. No manufacturer can afford downtime. Should you need an urgent service call, we will be there for you!

• We will prioritize and dispatch our technicians as required within 24 hrs.

• We have a number of regional service options.

• COLT Service vehicles will be on site as soon as possible.

• Our Service Hotline is staffed 24/7 x 365

Colt Automation service vehicle. Repairs and service hotline. Steel coil processing and technology experts.

Equipment and Technical Training

As our feed line controls and mechanical options evolve and advance, equipment training can add tremendous efficiency to your organization. When we design our controls, a lot of effort is spent trying to reduce operator involvement and movement without compromising safety. Having fully redundant Straightener and Uncoiler controls available at the Feeder Control Panel, it can save you valuable time, adding production up time into your organization.

When equipment is installed by COLT Technicians, full training is provided including:

• Safe & Efficient Operator Training – full equipment operation and understanding.

• Supervisor Training – understanding the ability to enter recipes for consistent operation and material processing.

• Maintenance Training – preventative service and maintenance, daily/weekly/monthly and annual requirements for mechanical controls, hydraulics, and pneumatics. Training may also be required at other times during equipment life, and is always available from COLT.

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