Mechanical Engineering Science & Advanced Software Fabrication 

Safety Without Compromising Efficiency

Colt Automation has always considered technology and flexible controls to be a competitive advantage. Colt builds thoughtful, easy-to-use controls into every Colt Feed Line, using only the most current release software and hardware available.

In-house Capabilities

All Colt Control Engineering is completed in-house by our highly experienced Senior Controls Engineering team. 

• Control Innovations are built into every Colt Feed Line, constantly advancing our abilities and your efficiencies and control
• The controls are designed to meet customer needs while offering leading edge technology based on current market offerings
• The Controls Engineer works as a primary contact with the customers
• The Electrical Engineer works with the assembly team members during the wiring process. All electrical wiring and panel building is       done in-house at Colt by our Electrical Assembly team members
• The Electrical Assembly employees work closely with the Electrical Engineers to provide built-as-designed, fully thought through             solutions for all of our customers
• Controls Engineers and Assembly team members work together to complete in-house startup and testing for all of our equipment
• Setup and testing at Colt ensures a smoother start up at the customer site and the ability to eliminate any issues

Recent Innovations


With material specifications entered at the HMIStraightener Rolls move to position ready for processing. Recipes can be permission based, allowing operators to only change roll settings if authorized. Roll settings can be changed “on the fly”.


Allen Bradly, Siemens, 2nd Generation Bosch Servo Drives, Schneider, Yaskawa – you pick your control preference, we are versatile with them all and can customize our program for YOUR environment.


All equipment is commissioned at Colt’s manufacturing & technology facility prior to shipping. The equipment is tested through a series of quality control standards and signed off on after several test-runs and once the team is completely satisfied with the results. 

Testing calibration and communications are all tested prior to shipment, making customer installations as smooth and expeditious as possible. 

"Flexible Controls, Open Architecture Programming, Industry Leading Automation"

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