55 Years of Experience.

Conventional Feed Lines Engineered To Meet All Your Needs.

COLT Conventional Coil Feed Lines have been specifically engineered to meet your long-term and short-term needs and are suited to all press types. Conventional Feed Lines include: Uncoiler, Peeler/Threader, Straightener, Threading/Looping Table, Servo Feeder.

Modular Equipment For Maximum Efficiency And Flexibility.

Each individual Coil Processing Equipment Feed Line Component is precision engineered and can operate independently or as part of a common feed line. This allows for future proofing as material changes. Each separate component can be replaced or retrofitted as, and when required. Greater flexibility at lower costs change only the piece of equipment you need when you need it.

Minimum Width



Maximum Width



Minimum Weight



Maximum Weight



Feed Line Components

Flexible To Your Needs:

• Advanced Controls with visual display

• Manual or Automated parameter controls with recipe options

 • All rolls are 52100 alloy steel hardened to 60-64 Rockwell and cylindrically ground. Best-in-Class 

• Available with power, or braking configuration options 

• Fits into any press environment – Blanking, Prog, Transfer, Roll Forming etc.

 • Individually changeable Feed Line components

 • Scalable Weight and Width (7,9,11 roll options)

• Light, Medium, Heavy & Extra Heavy-Duty 

• Cluster gear driven entry & exit pinch rolls

• Aviation grade alloy gears with hardened teeth

 • Efficient fast coil changeovers (often 4 minutes or less)

• Low Maintenance

• High accurate output with SERVO technology 

• Quality, long lasting, best-in-class material and parts

COLT Automation can provide many optional features to fully automate the entire feed process.

Conventional Feed Line Examples

50,000lbs x 72inch Extra Heavy-Duty Conventional Feed Line

fully featured AHSS Feed Line recently built by COLT for a Top 5 Tier One Automotive Manufacturer. COLT has been manufacturing the finest in automation feed equipment for: stampers, fabricators, and roll feeds for a variety of manufacturers since 1965.
Conventional feed line example

Coil Processing Equipment equipped with Extra Heavy-Duty Straightener with Triple Back Up rolls to limit roll deflection for processing AHSS, and COLT designed counterbalance pinch rolls for near weightlessness. Ideal for aluminum, a traversing Servo Feeder, with Hydraulic Clamping to allow for Stacking Cart access. Torque Drive powered Uncoiler has Pumpkin Tooth Mandrel, Hydraulic Retaining arms. Advanced controls & features utilizing customer selected Rockwell/Allen Bradly Kinetics drives, AB HMI’s, & PLC. All Automated & recipe centering, rolls and guide adjustments, Passline height.

FINE Blanking Feed Line. European Quality, North American Budget

15,000lbs X 12inches. This conventional Feed Line used for fine blanking consists of a 9 roll fully-automated Straightener, Automated Entry Guides, Peeler/Threader/Dekinker, Traveling Uncoiler to a Fixed Coil Car. Uncoiler is equipped with auto- centering, Automated Hydraulic Retaining Arms and a Fine blanking Pumpkin Tooth Mandrel to reduce Coil Tail trap. Advanced Controls & Features utilizing customer selected Omron HMI, & PLC.

FINE Blanking Feed Line

6,000lbs X 12inch Medium-Duty Conventional Feed Line

Equipped with a Double Uncoiler with Hold Down Arms a 9 rolls Alligator Head Straightener and a Medium-Duty Feeder. Advanced Controls & Features utilizing customer selected Siemens HMI, & PLC.

Medium Duty Conventional Feed Line