Zig Zag Feeders

The Finest Coil Processing Equipment & Technology since 1965

Colt Zig Zag Feeders utilize a shuttling motion of the Coil Stock over a Single Station Blanking Die, thus saving the Cost of Double Die Operations for the same output.

Colt Zig Zag Feeder - Colt Automation zig zag feeder for coil processing. Feeds the steel coil into press line.


• Decrease waste by over 20%

• Zig zag Feeder optimizes pattern to provide highest yield

• Auto repositioning and optimal nesting

• Production parameter storage for job recall & setup

• Simple, easy to understand setup & operation

• True 2 axis Zig Zag

• Round and non-round parts

• X & Y axis calculations within built-in software

• Simultaneous X & Y movement for high speed applications

• X & Y axis can run independent for odd shape parts 

“On the fly” adjustment of web width (while feeder is in operation)

• Built-in industrial modem for remote diagnosis, programming and service

• Portable production recipe storage – never lose a program

Colt Zig Zag Feeders

Utilize a shuttling motion of the coil stock over a single station blanking die thus saving the cost of double die operations for the same output. The machine illustrated has a zig zag motion of +/- 5.0″ from the machine centre line, providing a maximum lateral shuttle of 10.0″

Scrap Losses

The scrap illustrations show the material savings utilizing the Zig Zag Feeder and double blanking compared with single blanking and straight feeding.

Single strip blanking 25% scrap

Double strip blanking 19% scrap

Customer Success Story

When Mike Neumann was searching the industry for a new Zig Zag Servo Roll Feeder, at first he was skeptical of Colt Automation. “I heard of the COLT name but never tried any of Colt’s equipment. I started to investigate and found that Colt Automation has been in business for over 50 years and Colt has a great reputation. Colt claimed they could provide a Zig Zag feeder with a lot of really great features that we didn’t even know existed. All American Washer Werks is very busy and produces millions of washers/stamping per month. We count on Colt to keep up with our production schedule. Downtime is non-existent with Colt.”

“I am so pleased with my Colt Zig Zag Feeder I purchased in 2015, that I have another one on order for delivery.”

Colt Automation can
provide many optional
features to fully automate
the entire feed process.

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