“Practically No Downtime Waiting for Coil Changeover”

COLT Cradle Feed Lines Are Available In A Variety Of Configurations

Shown below is a 24” wide x 30,000 lb Heavy Blanking Feed Line consisting of: Coil Storage Buggy for Coil Staging, Cradle with Hydraulic Hold Down for threading, Dekinker, and a Threading Table into a 9 roll Feeder/Straightener Combination.

30,000lbs x 42 Cradle feed line by Colt Automation for steel coil processing AHSS, Gen 3, HSLA, High Strength Steel, Class A, Aluminum, Mild Steel, Cold-rolled metal coil, hot-rolled steel coil, alloy steel, galvanized
Cradle feed line

COLT Cradle Feed Lines
- Built To Get The Job Done.

These Combination Cradle/Straightener units are designed for seamless coil  loading. With the optional coil storage rack installed, there is practically no downtime waiting for Coil changeover, maintaining high productivity. Standard features include self-centering, adjustable side plates. Cradle rolls and straightener rolls are synchronized. COLT’s Cradle Feed Lines are best suited for heavier gauge material and used to handle stock thicker than 0.070″.

Minimum Width



Maximum Width



Minimum Weight



Maximum Weight



No Space – No Problem! COLT has a CSSU for the job.

• Advanced Controls with visual HMI display

• Manual or fully automated features with recipe options

• Only 20ft / 6100mm to 25ft / 7620mm required

• Full Hydraulic Piloting

• Available with most roll configurations 7,9

• Counter Balanced Entry & Exit Pinch Rolls

• Laser Loop Control to Synchronize Line Speed

• Aviation Quality Gears with hardened teeth

• 1or 2 coil storage for staging

• Heavy-duty, hardened wear rollers with anti-friction tapered    roll bearings on side plates

• Straightener & Cradle Rolls Driven & Synchronized Hydraulically operated swivel base for camber control 

COLT Automation can provide many optional features to fully automate the entire feed process.

Cradle Feed Line Examples

Medium-Duty Cradle Straightener, Loop to Feeder

COLT heavy-duty cradle straightener

20,000lbs x 24inch COLT heavy-duty cradle straightener combination with additional coil storage ramp

COLT medium-duty cradle straightener

10,000lbs x 24 inch COLT medium-duty cradle straightener combination with hold down arm for threading

Heavy-Duty Cradle Feeder/Straightener With Extended Travel Coil Storage Ramp

Cradle space saver 40,000lbs x 60inch, with extended travel coil buggy. 8” feed rolls, 6” straightener rolls total space required: 23ft. Coil feed from bottom of coil

Heavy-Duty Cradle Feeder/Straightener With Extended Travel Coil Storage Ramp