Producing Feed Line Equipment since 1965

Hydraulically operated Peeler Threader unit - available in sizes: 12-84 inches.

Instead of attaching a Peeler / Threader Table and Hold Down Arm on a Straightener, we build a separate piece of equipment that is bolted to the entry of the Straightener. Heavy-duty construction with a Peeler Blade, De-kinker Roll, Adjustable Threading Table and Hold Down Arm with powered wheel for hands-free threading.

A Peeler blade extends out from the deflector table to break the leading edge of the steel coil and guides it as the Uncoiler is inched forward. 

The de-kinker unit pre-bends the material (various grades and types of steel:  AHSS, Gen 3, HSLA, High Strength Steel, Class A, Aluminum, Mild Steel, Cold-rolled metal coil, hot-rolled steel coil, alloy steel, galvanized). The de-kinker takes out the initial coil set from the leading edge to enable smooth flow of material into the Straightener.

The complete assembly is bolted to the Straightener and also has anchor pads which must be bolted to the ground for safe operation. The hydraulically operated Peeler/Threader unit is controlled by the HMI (“Human Machine Interface”) and is mounted between the Uncoiler & the Straightener.

A Hold Down Arm prevents clock springing when the operator cut the bands. It’s equipped with hydraulic, motorized wheel which threads the new coil into the Straightener. The wheel will make contact with the retracted Mandrel.

Peeler / Threader equipment
Peeler / Threader equipment
Peeler / Threader equipment

COLT Automation can provide many optional features to fully automate the entire feed process.