Customer Satisfaction is Colt’s #1 Priority

“Building the finest Press Feeding & Coil Processing Equipment since 1965”

Colt Automation’s equipment performs consistently and efficiently day after day under the most grueling manufacturing conditions. We constantly strive to ensure the quality of our equipment meets the demands of our clients each and every day. Every single piece of Colt equipment is manufactured to exacting standards. Every component of our equipment is rigorously shop tested. An extensive series of operating simulations ensure that the units being shipped are fully functional and operating to our top standards. Colt’s customers have come to expect the best from us, and we refuse to give them anything less. Colt Automation’s equipment is designed for today’s working environment, and we understand that downtime is costly. The more you rely on our equipment, the more you can trust the quality built into every Colt machine.

Colt customers rely on our equipment, and include many FORTUNE 500 companies around the globe, as well as many small independent companies around the corner.

"Colt Automation is committed to finding new and innovative avenues to advance in the market while maintaining quality and equipment durability."

Our customers continue to challenge us with higher strength materials, at increased speeds and heavier gauge. Don’t let your feed equipment be the weakest link, purchase Colt every time. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about our equipment capabilities or use the RFQ FORM if you are considering a purchase.

We look forward to serving you.

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