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Electromagnetic, Fixed Or Adjustable, Single Or Multiple Lanes To Engage Coil Tail And To Be Used For Blanking Operations.

As Presses and Coil Steel evolves, so does the feed line’s ability to control the material from the Uncoiler to the Die. Presses are multifunctional; in some cases with transfer systems, stacking tables, and robots for blanking operations as well as Coil Feeding. Material has also evolved from Mild Steel to AHSS, and Gen 3. Both the press and the material can present challenges for the feed line. The Coil Tail is not only valuable material that needs to be processed, but also needs to be controlled so it does not become either a safety issue or potentially an equipment concern by not tracking into the die (potentially damaging a die or the press). With ever increasing MPA values, the coil material even after straightening, needs to be controlled into the die space.

COLT Has Responded To Customer Requirements By Offering A Number Of Coil Tail Technologies Including:

Coil Tail Technology

• Extendable and adjustable material control tables, and supports at the exit of the feeder

• Servo Driven Tail out material supports with Upper Trap Rolls

• Servo controlled Electromagnetic Tail-out Feeders to process blanks

COLT’s Electromagnetic Tail-Out Micro Feeder

Recipe Driven Lane Expansion & Retraction | Passline Height Adjustment | Horizontal Lane Adjustment | Flow Rail Material Engagement